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Compassionate Adoptions

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Law Office of Kim Gossett

Compassionate Adoptions

The Law Office of Kim Gossett is a family law firm that handles adoptions, guardianships, and other voluntary custody matters in the Jacksonville area. Attorney Kim Gossett and her staff are passionate and dedicated to your adoption plan. Choosing adoption is a big decision. We understand that you may be struggling.  Luckily, you will never have to go through it alone. We are here to support you from start to baby and beyond! We assist birth mothers through the entire process of adoption, from the decision to place to choosing an adoptive family. Our adoptive families come from all across the United States, home-study approved, and ready to joyfully welcome a child into their home! 

We appreciate the trust you place in our firm to help you in your adoption journey. 

Let's make this adoption a turning point in your life!


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If you choose to work with the Law Office of Kim Gossett, we promise to support and respect your decisions every step of the way. We are happy to work with you regardless of your conditions, such as HIV or addiction. We never judge. You chose life for your child and we are happy to be part of your adoption journey. We want you to be as comfortable and secure with your decision as possible. We will let you choose the best adoptive family for your child. We will respect your decision to an open, semi-open, or closed adoption. There is no cost to you for placing your baby for adoption. This is your gift that you are so selflessly and bravely giving another family in need. We are honored to guide you in the process. 

Financial Support

You can place your child for adoption at no cost to you. If you are unemployed during pregnancy, we can help with basic living expenses, up to six weeks post-partum.

Free Counseling

Placing your child for adoption can be emotionally taxing. You are not alone. We provide free, lifetime counseling and case management services by our LCSW.  We also hold monthly Birth Mother support groups. Come talk to us!

Your Baby, Your Decision

You are in charge of who your baby goes to. We will let you choose your perfect fit from our directory of Adoptive Families. All of our families are all home-study approved and ready to welcome a new baby into their lives!


"Giving Up" vs. "Giving Life"

A phrase we come across too often in the adoption world is a mother "giving up" her baby to adoption. But what we believe, and what we hope you, too, will realize, is that you are not giving anything up as a birth mother. You are doing quite the opposite. You are choosing adoption over abortion and putting your baby's needs above your own to ensure they have an opportunity to live a stable, happy full life. You are giving your child life! There is no greater gift and no greater sacrifice than that. 

Open Adoptions

Adoption does not have to be secretive if you do not want it to be. Over the past few years, we have seen a dramatic increase in open adoptions, where the babies, birth mothers, and adoptive families are known to each other and continue to be part of each other's lives through yearly letters, photos, and sometimes even phone calls and visits. Open adoptions have been proven beneficial for the all parts of the adoption triad and we encourage you to consider this. It allows birth mothers to give a life, while still remaining part of it. 

The Benefits of Adoption

The benefits of choosing adoption are unmatched - for both mother and baby. According to, adopted children have greater health, more one-on-one attention from a parent, are more likely to be read and sang to every day, and are more involved in extracurricular activities. As a birth mother, you are more likely to have success later in life. This includes finishing school, employment after one year following the baby's birth, and are less likely to utilize public assistance and live in poverty. Our free case management services can help contribute to this success!

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