The Adoption Process


Interested in adopting?

Adopting a child is beautifully life-changing. As you can imagine, it is an extensive process. Our firm works solely with Birth Mothers looking to place their babies for adoption. We also assist matched families with all the necessary legal work to complete the adoption.

If you are just getting started and are not already matched with a family, here is what you need to do:

Get Home-Study Approved

This is the most important part of the adoption process. You will need to work with a social worker or adoption agency to get a home study. Your home study will include you and your family's personal, work, and educational history, FBI and criminal record clearances, home inspection, medical, and finance history. You will also create profile books, or picture books, to send with your home study. These will give Birth Parents a glimpse into your life and why you are choosing adoption. Once you become approved, you will be able to send out your profile. 

Here are some of the agencies we work closely with. Check them out for more information on getting a home study. 

Find Your Match!

Once we receive your approved home study and profile books, we will send you a confirmation email. You should keep in contact with your consultant and/or social worker, as they will inform you of any updates.

If a Birth Mother chooses you and your preferences match, we will reach out to your consultant or social worker. We encourage our Birth Mothers to meet the Adoptive Parents before birth to establish a relationship, if they are comfortable. We will arrange a "match lunch" for us all to meet and get to know each other better. If all goes well, we will officially begin the adoption process!

Finalization of the Adoption

We are here to assist you with all the legal components of finalizing the adoption, such as the termination of birth parent rights, the Interstate Compact for the Placement of Children process, obtaining court approval for all fees and expenses incurred with the adoption, and the finalization of the adoption.

We will help you through this whole process, from start to baby and beyond! 

Become An Active Family With Us

1.) Send Us Your Materials

Please complete the adoption application found below. Attach a copy of your home study and 3 profile books. The fee for becoming an active family is $150, cash or check only. The check can be made out to the Law Office of Kim Gossett. Please send your materials to our address at: 2850-50 Isabella Boulevard, Jacksonville Beach, FL 32250. 

2.) Receive a Confirmation

Once we receive your materials, we will send you a confirmation via email. Please allow up to five business days for a confirmation. If you have not received your confirmation within five days, give us a call!

3.) Follow Up

Keep in touch with your consultant/social worker. They will keep you updated on our open Birth Mother cases. We will reach out to you once you are matched with a Birth Mother. If you have any additional questions, please feel free to give us a call! 

Other Adoption Services

Our firm can assist you with:

  • Guardianships for minor children,
  • Guardian advocate proceedings for disabled individuals, 
  • Voluntary guardianships,
  • Traditional adult guardianships of the person and property, and 
  • Voluntary custody matters when a child is placed with a family member

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